CEST London 2017

Politics of Emotions in Turkey and its Connected Geographies

In Turkey politics is often emotional and emotions are highly politicized. However, a closer look at public and political expressions of emotions shows that distinctive emotions show salience at different decades and under different political projects. In other words, emotions are historically, politically, and socially situated. Passionately felt as well as despised emotions are closely connected to micro and macro developments people find themselves in.

This symposium had a closer look at the politics of emotions and affect from an interdisciplinary perspective. It inquired the emotional and affective aspects of the political, social, economic, religious, and artistic fields in Turkey and its connected geographies. We especially wanted to explore the often invisible but highly effective hierarchies that are created among emotions themselves: which emotions are sanctioned or even actively cultivated and when? Which emotions are rendered inappropriate or unacceptable and for whom?

Among others, we explored the trajectories of the following emotions: fear, pride, hope, love, guilt, denial, resentment, anger, suspicion, belonging, compassion, empathy, humiliation, respect, and trust.